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Meet our NEW Switch-A-Roo™ Reversible Opening Romper!  This patent pending bamboo romper is designed to effortlessly take your child from “Dipes to Wipes” making the transition from diaper changes to potty training seamless…no pun intended!  Wear with the opening at the front for a quick diaper change and when you are ready to start potty training, simply turn the romper around so that the opening is located at the back.  

For our 0-12 sizes when potty training is not relevant, our Switch-A-Roo™ romper allows you to choose between a front or back opening romper for your easy access diaper changes. 

Made from our same high quality bamboo that you know and love. Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and a natural UV protectant.The GOLD standard for your little ones sensitive skin!  

Our super soft & stretchy bamboo is just one of the secrets to our rompers providing more than 3x longer wear time than other typical rompers. 

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